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The dialogue of cultures is currently one of the most effective and urgently needed formats of inter-civilizational interaction. This is especially pronounced in the system of cross-border spaces “the East – the West” and “the West – the East”. This scientific article attempts an historical and social-educational analysis of the institutions, processes and phenomena of the East – the West and the West – the East social order. In this scientific article used historical, macro-sociological, systemic, comparative, statistical methods as analytical tools.Results.The scientific journal “Historical and Social-Educational Idea” published scientific articles on the dialogue of cultures in a special section in 2019. For example, the authors of the texts published in the scientific journal “Historical and Social-Educational Idea” touched upon the problems of the Orthodox and the Catholic iconography in the light of mutual cultural influence (author – M.Yu. Gorozhanina); a comparative analysis of two “monkey trials”: held in the USA in 1925 and in Russia, St. Petersburg in 2007 (author – A.M. Prilutskii); a strengthening of the ideological foundations of Islam as a factor in countering terrorism and extremism (author – A.I. Toktosunova);an ensuring Russian national security in the context of intercultural interactions (author – O.V. Grigoriev); a contemporary North Caucasian emigration to Europe from Russia (author – I.L. Babich); a similarities in duration and social characteristics of the demographic transition in Russia and Spain (author – M.Yu. Makarenko); a migration exchange between Russia and Germany in the 1990s (author – M.Yu. Makarenko); a prospects for parliamentary democracy in the Kyrgyz Republic (author – A.I. Toktosunova); an approache to local self-government in the West and in Russia (authors – G.B. Gridneva,  A.N. Pomerlyan, O.V. Grigoriev).

Conclusions. Dialogues between the West and the East have a long, controversial and multi-layered history. These relationships were rethought by scientists and artists, politicians and businessmen. Each person who thinks that the Western and Eastern worlds are not alike, confirms with their stereotypical thinking the essence of the famous statement of the English writer R. Kipling. Nevertheless, it is precisely on intercivilizational partnership that we all must work hard together: the fate of mankind depends on this.

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dialogue of cultures; dialogue of civilizations; cultural and historical development; anthropology of social orders; contemporary migration processes; security as a global priority; democratization of eastern political regimes

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Горожанина М.Ю. Православная и католическая иконография: в свете диалога культур Востока и Запада // Историческая и социально-образовательная мысль. 2019. Том 11. № 5. С. 15-24. DOI: 10.17748/2075-9908-2019-11-5-15-24.

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